Branding is crucial for businesses. Choosing the right branding can change how people see your brand, drive new business and increase brand awareness.

Generating a brand identity is a strategic effort as it needs to support the brand message and business goals. It is also challenging because branding is more than design work, it requires knowledge and intuition to know what is appreciated in the market and fits target audience.

Brand guidelines are a set of rules that defines a brand identity. It is important to have a fixed guideline to keep your brand's visual and communication consistent. Having a brand guide will also make it easy for everyone in your company to work in harmony.

Before determining brand message, you need to understand your target audiences in order to attract their attention. However, the challenges are how you can create a message that will be understood by your audiences and at the same time related to the company’s core objective.

Signage is proven to attract more customers around 15% faster. It can be considered as one of the best tools for advertising your business. Signage can also become a good investment for you if it is done right and matches your business goals.

Good wayfinding is important to get the most out of your business. With an interactive display of wayfinding for your audiences, they may be able to obtain a great deal of your product/services information easily and even end up buying/using them.

Commercial campaign can take place in the forms of ATL, BTL, OOH and Digital Social Event. Each strategy brings different objective in promoting your business. Therefore, you need to choose the right strategy that aligns your business objective to make the campaign a success.

As you create branding for your product, you may as well create a branding for your office space. Office branding involves controlling the spatial flow of your office and reconfiguring its physical space. These are intended to showcase and deliver the brand message more effectively.