SHIFTinc offers you a one-stop solution for your business. We have the mind of a consultant, the creativity of an agency, and the connectivity of a team that will escalate your digital growth and make your brand stand out in the competition.


A communication strategy is a critical element designed to make effective communication for your business. Developing a communication strategy can take your business to a new level. Therefore, every company needs to have a good communication strategy. SHIFTinc could help you plan and execute an engaging communication strategy to match your business objectives.


Your brand represents you, your values and your products. Thus, you need good branding to stand out among your competitors. Branding is indeed very essential as it can change how people perceive your brand, drive your business and increase brand awareness. SHIFTinc has been building brands that are impactful and memorable to attract new customers for your business.

Video Production

A good advertising agency should be able to provide a company’s production needs, in terms of digital or offline production. SHIFTinc can do it for you. We provide creative advertising production solutions to your marketing campaign. We have a wide variety of portfolios from national or international leading brands.

Web & Mobile Apps

The website is very much needed in this digital era to enhance business profits. It can help people to access any products easier and more effective. How about mobile apps? Some businesses might need it too. Most people nowadays prefer to see the products directly through a mobile application. SHIFTinc offers you services to help you with that. We will give you a platform that is user-friendly to your customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not only a fast-developing method but it is said to be the future of marketing. It is the smartest practice of marketing where you raise awareness of the products to the customers, educate them and sell them the products. SHIFTinc is ready to provide you a team to accelerate your digital growth.

Event Organizer

We all might have noticed that the service industry has escalated more to the event industry. The high demand for events hence has raised the world of event management. SHIFTinc ensures that your events will run well. How? Just sit tight, let us arrange your events and make sure everything is on time and in place.

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