Feel The Magic of SHIFTinc

Feel The Magic of SHIFTinc


Embrace The Urge of Changes

Embrace The Urge Of Changes



SHIFTinc. /shifting/ is a full service Creative Agency in Jakarta Indonesia, providing integrated solutions for your business in terms of communication, branding, video production, web & mobile apps development, digital marketing, and event organizer.


Communication is the heart of every business. Getting an effective communication strategy will allow your business to work efficiently in achieving its goals.

Web & Mobile Apps

Website and mobile apps are powerful marketing tools. Both can help you get more prospects, increase sales, enhance brand and improve services to customers.


Branding is crucial for businesses. Choosing the right branding can change how people see your brand, drive new business and increase brand awareness.

Digital Marketing

Businesses now can take advantage of digital channels for marketing campaign. By going digital, your brand’s promotion becomes more effective, efficient and right on target.

Video Production

Most people love and prefer visual content. Taking your marketing campaign through visual content like video can impact your business’ reach, engagement and sales.

Event Organizer

Events are very demanding and require various aspects to be fulfilled. With event organizer, proper planning and execution can be realized to run successful events.